Seattle discoveries

Time for exploring in Seattle was limited. My conference lectures ran from 6 am until after a normal dinner time. I had Friday to walk around downtown but otherwise it was limited. These are some of the places I found or visited.

Metsker Maps: a true map store with those old fashioned maps that unfold to fill the whole front seat of a station wagon and never fold back up into their original shape and size. And they had maps for all over America plus Uzbekistan and India and Florence. Anywhere. Plus they had journals and puzzles. And wall maps and globes. It was a totally retro and authentic space. Oh…and travel books. I bought my first book about walking the Camino.

Bacco Café: A lovely, yummy comforting breakfast a few hours after taking my board recertification exam. Good coffee, good omelets. And it got me out of the cold rain and wind.

The Crumpet Shop: It was my first crumpet. Ever. With a pesto and onion omelet with cheddar cheese. With an awesome latte. Yummy breakfast. And I got there early enough to sit and watch the worker dude make the crumpets.

Purple Café & Wine Bar: My first night in Seattle, I walked down the hill two blocks to a very packed café.  I had a light lillet rose apertif and handmade ravioli with walnuts. I was lucky to get the last seat at the bar.

The Metropolitan Grille: I have finally been in a restaurant with a $65 steak with waiters in tuxedoes. I had an amazing Caesar salad with white anchovies and homemade croutons and a crock of fabulous French onion soup. Tag on a Havana Sidecar cocktail and it was a perfect dinner. A very STEEP uphill walk six blocks back to the hotel with a 40mph wind and drizzling rain capped off my last night in Seattle.

The Space Needle: Officially the coolest website. The top of the needle was cool. The ring of mountains around Seattle, with there snow capped tops, the sea planes taking off and landing, the tanker ships in Puget Sound. It was COLD up there.

Beecher’s cheeses: I got cheese to take home. Cheeses for Evan with two adorable cheese planers. I have cheese packed in my suitcase. I stood outside the Pike Market Place store watching the two workers making the cheese. It was captivating.

Piroshky Piroshky: Small hand pies and stuffed pockets. Sweet and savory. Right on Pike Place. I got a to go marzipan piroshky for the plane trip tomorrow.

De Laurentiis: Fine foods, take out , vinegars, oils, pastas, coffee bar, chocolate and pickles. A whole section of anchovies and herrings.

Watson Kennedy: Truly a purveyor of fine goods: glassware, fancy matchbooks, linen napkins, salt bowls, books, quotes, magnets and fancy pajamas. It was fun and if I lived in Seattle of within driving distance, I’d have bought sets of glasses and cute dessert plates and bath gels and candles.


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