Blessed Saturday

The last few weeks have been a rush and jammed packed with chores, tasks and even a wee bit of fun. I really enjoyed Quiltcon and enjoyed time with my friend Ann even more. It was delightful to just walk and talk and have company. Anyone who runs their own company knows that you pay for being away. I came back to lots of tasks but most are non-billable work. I also have a stack of projects, errands and personal tasks nagging at me. These are some of the things I hope to do or finish today.

  • Home and Garden show at the O’Connell Center. I hope to see my fabulous builder, Kara Bolten at the BANCF booth.
  • Order my night stands at Walker Furniture to match my bedroom set. I am a cash girl and I now have the cash to make the purchase.
  • Drop off my latest, sweet Etsy purchase for framing.
  • Trim and square the blocks for my latest quilt and piece the quilt top. Then I can take to to Miss Bonnie for long arm quilting….and then start cutting fabric for Evan’s new bedroom quilt. I bought the Parson’s Gray fabric suite and patterns from Blue Underground Studios and Abbey Lane Quilts.
  • I want to shovel and move all the organic soil into my new raised garden beds that I had built. I finished one on Thursday. I hope the finish the other today. Then I can stucco the outside and mortar the pavers to the top. The pavers were a great find at the Gainesville Reuser Center. They cost me $109. Considering the El Dorado stone product caps that match the house would cost over $900…not to mention the wrapped stone product, I am getting a great finished product with a few bags of stucco and re-used pavers. I am saving a few thousands. Woot!
  • A stop at Ace hardware to get the last gallon of fence paint mixed.
  • A Trader Joe’s run…just because. Pick up coffee and cheese and some fresh bread.
  • Finalize the purchase of the Biddan Ridge birdie with Geninne so I can finish the splash page on the Biddan Ridge blog. And…if I feel inclined and really motivated….update the practice website. Damn…busy day.

I have started and set up my new Dell laptop this morning, so now I will head ff to the chore and errand list. Have a great day peeps!

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