Get Crackin’

My brain is filled with too many things today to write. To many activities, chores, projects, creative ideas that I am about to bust at the seams. I will make an abbreviated list of what is on deck and then when the day is done, I will let you know how far I got. Mind you, I came home yesterday after a packed day at work and cleaned my house. Really cleaned because Thanksgiving is days away and I want the clutter and crumb crunching debris removed. But here is the day’s ambition:

  • convert that gallon of pure Vermont maple syrup into 8 pint sized, sterilized, and sealed mason jars for gift giving. Considering an ‘adult’ version of the maple syrup with either a dollop of bourbon or orange extract. Maybe I will make 4 plain, 2 bourbon and 2 orange. We shall see. I got advice from Suzy at Chiot’s Run about repackaging the gallon of syrup, so I am emboldened.

  • clean out the garage and take all the boys’ out grown clothes to Good Will
  • buy a few trays of pansies to plant along the front walkway
  • buy rye seed to rye the acreage
  • collect all the pine cones off the property to make firestarters
  • finish the calendar project and place the order for printing
  • make a run to Joann fabrics and Buttons & Bows quilt store
  • fold AND PUT AWAY  all the washed laundry
  • finish the “on deck” quilt top…it is a Christmas gift, Lisa. Get crackin!

And with that I will get my tushie in gear. Have a lovely Saturday people.

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