Choosing a single word that starts with “C” that encompasses something unique about me or my character is a bit tough. I could go with the easy choice and select competent or compassionate. I love to cook. I am a fabulous cook, fearless and experimental and fortunately I like to cook more than I like to eat. I can be caustic and have a degree of cynicism and sarcasm that is scathing once I get going. I try to control this and be civil. In fact, control is probably a great descriptor for me. I was urged as a child to control my tactless tongue, control my fidgety body, control my flight of ideas and wild imaginations, control the volume of my voice. But being able to control things does not necessarily describe ME…it’s just one of my skills. So if I was to make my word choice I would say I am cheeky.

C is for cheeky.

The dictionary says it means saucy and impudent. For me, cheeky means to be a bit outrageous, sassy, risque, provocative but in a playful way. I like to flirt and laugh and turn a clever phrase. I am quick witted and synthesize situations super fast and make observations that entertain my friends. I see and speak aloud those things other people might never recognize or conclude. I love the sly quip, the tongue & cheek, the innuendo and the double meaning. Cheeky means you say all that aloud.

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