I don’t blush. I am a blond. I love to bake. I can be bitchy. I don’t bolt at the sight of blood.  My emotions are blatant, blazing and blaring. I blurt stuff out but have learned to bind my tongue. Luckily the barrage remains inaudible to everyone but me. Belching is distinctly unfeminine, but I still boast it among my many talents. I don’t begrudge others their blessings. I have a bent sense of humor. I bark and I bite. I gave birth to two beautiful boys and I am beyond the moon with love for them. I will never get Botox or wear thigh high boots or a leather bustier. I have a brain, a mighty fine brain. I can be brittle and don’t confuse my bravado with bravery. I don’t intend to buck the system or bend the rules…I just end up bucking and bending. I like bouquets and bunnies and butter, the real kind. I like brioche and BLT sandwiches. I have moments of absolute bliss twinned to moments of utter bleakness. And I love this life….my life….it is something to behold.

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