You know you are a dork when you sit and read the dictionary looking for words for this Alphabet blog project. I am unashamed and unapologetically dorky. I like Star Trek and BSG. I laugh at math jokes and am a fan of The Big Bang Theory. I know what Fibonacci numbers are and could talk at length about why they are cool. To me Fibonacci numbers or perfect numbers or prime numbers are perfect cocktail party banter. I am a stickler for grammar (at least in professional writing and newspapers). I know what a dangling participle is. And I think that is funny. Are you someone for whom it is funny, too? I make myself laugh…out loud. I read mostly fiction and usually with a pencil close by so that when I come across a word I don’t know….I circle it so I can look it up later. I love the origins and derivations of words. I find the periodic chart elegant and cartography perfect for decorating. I like dropping Mentos in plastic 2 liter bottles of Pepsi……..over and over and over. It never gets old. I like talking in pretend voices and regularly have my sons in stitches from faking being Chinese or from Brooklyn or India or Ireland or Canada. I think having the hiccups is high comedy. I like puzzles. And Sudoku. And I play chess for leisure not sport. I like playing card games and even solitaire…with real cards. I get excited and jazzed by the absurd and I will flap about sharing my enthusiasm because I am such a dork; I just naturally assume everyone else thinks eggs with two yokes are cooool! I still say cool.

D is for Dork

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