August is my birthday month. On the last day of this eighth month of the year, I celebrate my birthday. I started the month with a fairly impulsive trip to New York City with my sons, who are by far the absolute best contributions I have made to the world. We had a blast, walked our feet off, ate pizza at half of the pizzerias listed in Jon Stewart’s soliloquy of authentic New York pizza places. We hailed our first NYC taxi, maneuvered the subway from one end of Manhattan all the way to Brooklyn and played explorers. It was the ideal start of my birthday month.

And as a friend pointed out…honoring and celebrating my birthday is to honor myself everyday of this month. And so each day I will write a post in keeping with The Alphabet Project of Chiot’s Run and I will do something each day just for my own pleasure and enjoyment as suggested by my friend at the Write Stuff.

A is for Avid.

I am keen, eager, enthusiastic and energetic about the things I love or want to learn. I would probably be the worst poker player, unable to hide or conceal my passion for the things I love. When I am in….I am ALL IN.

And today, I ate really well. I doubled my fresh fruit and veggies. I drank only one Diet Coke and that feels good.

I liked New York City. I like Washington, DC better though. The vibe is different. NYC is drunk on the power of money and the exchange of money is the heart beat of that town. DC is downright bacchanalian with regard to power but its source is leverage, influence and who is its master….but it’s not about something as banal as the exchange of cash. And what I realized this past weekend is that I am a Florida girl. Born and raised. I like the flat open grasslands under big blue skies. I like that Florida – especially in my neck of the woods – is not densely populated.  I have a simple sliver of the world. And the simplicity is what I love. And like Alexander McQueen’s observation…I am inspired by a feather.

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