Sunday’s Do

There are two types of vacations. There are the languid vacations where you lounge and pursue idleness. You lie leisurely on a beach or swing in a hammock and listen to Nature’s sounds. Then there the “go and absorb” vacations. Sometimes this is a “Day at Disney World”. You plot your attack on the theme park and make strategy of when and how to see and do everything. Or you plan a trip abroad to a foreign country and you plan and plot your itinerary to see and document all the historical offerings and landmarks. I like both kinds, although I think I do more of the plotting and exploring than the leisurely pursuit of idleness.

We are in New York City and it is most definitely a “GO” vacation. The City is a treasure trove of sights and destinations. I am letting the boys sleep in this morning. We have had three days of “go and do”.

I try to build in the leisurely moments and breaks which do not include the time stuck underground in the Subway waiting on trains that aren’t running.  I also try to be spontaneous and allow the unexpected.

We saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit “Savage Beauty” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wasn’t sure if the boys would or could appreciate this as art, but to my surprise they did despite the massive crush of people. My youngest recognized the armadillo shoe that is signature McQueen. And my older son obviously interested in the female form and lets face it……McQueen designs were unbelievably sensual and sexual and provocative.  The beauty and death of  life and living makes for a potent experience, even at fifteen.

So I let them sleep. Soon enough we will set off for Brooklyn and the chocolate factory


The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

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