Late on Sunday afternoon, a truly glorious north Florida weekend has transpired. Earlier in the week we weathered two days of heavy rain with the prediction of weekend temperatures in the 90F’s. With friends in Boston, DC and Chicago getting snow in the last week, I am reluctant to brag that the weather man got it wrong. Pretty typical for Florida. The weather barely breached 85F and we’ve had a steady breeze. This morning we had a dense fog and as I look out my office window, the sky is cloudless and the crispest, periwinkle blue. It is a classic Florida sky that looks endlessly high, limitless and closer to heaven than Earth.

One of my colleagues gifted me a lovely wind chime that I hung at my front door; it has caught that light breeze all weekend. I made Saturday dinner of stale bread, smeared with basil pesto carried back from France by one of my other colleagues, topped with mozzarella pearls and Asiago cheese. I finished the tops of my tandem, twin quilts.

I listened to Karen Marie Moning’s third book in the Fever series as I sewed. We went to the farmer’s market and bought another flat of fat, fresh strawberries. We got sixteen 12 oz quilted jars and thirteen 8 oz Kerr jars. I just pulled a pan of baked sweet potatoes from the oven. Later in the week they’ll become biscuits for Cameron and a pound cake for the office. I was good about drinking plenty of water and not drinking plenty of that Reyka vodka I recently discovered. I got a massage and acupuncture (which is still more painful than expected). I had the discomfort of placing my oldest son on restriction for failing to do some assignments for school. Mom the Hammer. I don’t like the title.

I held onto my good outlook and mood while I haven’t stuck to my wish to repeat my No Buy exercise for April. I downloaded the Scala & Kolacny Brothers choir from iTunes. I bought $20 of canning jars. And I splurged on the latest issue of The Urban Farmer for $4.99. I also had to buy another yard of the fabric for the border of my quilts because the clerk at the quilt store miscalculated (rather I trusted her calculations). Another $10. I cleared a few chores I have been totally avoiding including defrosting the freezer and removing the stalactite (or stalagmite) icicle that forms. I also edited two chapters of my novel and I’m pleased with the results. Now I am off to the gym. Let’s start the week off right.

How did you spend your weekend? What was the best part?

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