Fab Finds Friday

Fabulous Fridays are made especially cool when the work week started Thursday and I am off on the weekend. Mindful that the schedule today is stunningly busy, the weekend will be well deserved. I have a bouquet of ideas for my weekend that I couple that with my renewed commitment for a No Buy April. April is a longer month than February with Easter and our Easter break trailer hitched at the end. April has some really good movies coming out, too. But the urge to reign in all discretionary spending in my household is meant to mirror what I’d expect from my business, as well as my local, state and federal government. I also hope to (better) teach my sons that money is EARNED and SAVED. Having money to spend originates from planning, budgeting, compromise and frugality in one area so as to afford to spend in another. I wanted to share some of the things I have recently discovered and enjoy. Some are inspiration for future creative projects.

  • Reyka Vodka: I bought the top shelf vodka on a whim and admittedly drawn by the lovely package. The bottle has a subtle blue-grey-aqua hue. It’s good vodka, smooth heat and crisp. It’s the bottle I want. I want dozens so I can bury them neck down in a 10 inch trench to form the border around a flower bed or herb garden. I see a martini party in my future. Maybe a sorority reunion with slammers and shots.
  • Sucker Punch: The movie by the same director that made 300. A kick ass chick flick movie with a very dark message about sexual assault, violence, madness, revenge and the powerlessness based on youth or gender. My sons wanted to see “the movie with massive explosions, gigantic guns, mechanical robots and a cheerleading squad of hotties who destroy everything.” Any teenage boys wet dream. It was a serious movie in a sexy candy wrapper and a very dark, bittersweet, contemplative ending. The (anti-)heroine doesn’t really win. Plus I go to explain the gruesome medical procedure known as a lobotomy.
  • Karen Marie Moning: I am listening to new vapid and vacuous audiobooks. This is a joyful charge and not meant to malign anything. I love fluff. And while my dear friend Lyrissa CURSED me years back for turning her onto the Twilight series, we continue to try to one up the trash serial novel. She gets 100% of the credit for the quote vapid and vacuous. My only detraction of Moning’s series is that it ain’t trashy enough. If I drop my quarter in the peep show slot, I want to see the candy.
  • The Scala and Kolacny Brothers Choir: I heard the interview on NPR Thursday morning. We’ve all heard the trailer for the movie Social Network. I TOTALLY missed that the theme song was a cover of Radiohead’s Creep. Whoa! Now, please tell me where oh where will we all get these fabulous offerings of music, new literature, history and in depth portraits if NPR and public radio vanishes from the American landscape?
  • verykerryberry: A new blog of a crafting woman with very clever and inspiring quilt projects and ideas. With plans for a no buy April…..and four bins filled with fabric. I have projects a plenty with which to occupy myself.

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