• The boys are back! It always makes the most imperfect day perfect. It doesn’t matter if it is raining, freezing, sweltering, busy, boring, frustrating, aggravating or just one of those days you are eager to end…the boys redeem it all. And I love doing all manner of silly things for them. Valentine’s Day is a day of love. The love of a mother for a child is deep and wide surpassed only by the love of the divine Creator. And I like any chance to be silly, stupid and ridiculous with the boys. Valentine’s is a day of candy, chocolate, toys, gadgets and sweets in general. I made the favorite cupcakes, which are actually a Ghiradelli double chocolate muffin mix. I topped them with my own butter frosting. Bam! They fit perfectly in the Cup-o-cake containers and will go to school. I asked my oldest if he thought he would be mocked for the queer piece of Tupperware. He said, “I don’t care. I have the chocolate muffin!” He is certain to be the envy among his peers.

  • I am really glad for the “fixing” of the kitties. They have calmed down considerably. The vet said they were both in heat at the time of surgery. Both have managed to bite out her stitches. They are supposed to go back for suture removal on Saturday, which will be a riot. Like trying to pull teeth from a rabid Tasmanian devil. I will let the vet and her assistant earn their keep and save my arms from the shredder.

  • I am enjoying Timbaland’s album Shockwave II. It is a generational rift that I think this is a good album to drive to or……clean. Sad but true. Honestly, the idea of ever going to a nightclub and dancing to the current and popular music is horrifying. I doubt I will ever dance in public again. I have flashbacks of Phi Sig frat parties or Winston’s in Georgetown. Whatever we were doing back then is not comparable to how people dance now…..imagine President Obama and his wife on inauguration night. THAT is how everyone danced in the late 1980’s…but he is the President and can dance however he wants. It would have been a riot if he had pulled on an FBI windbreaker and dropped into a windmill on a square of cardboard.
  • I have found a few new recipes that I am excited about. The best, by far is this strawberry bread recipe. I adjusted it by using half white/half brown sugar. I also substituted 1c of the flour for whole wheat. I added walnuts, too. It is a great use for those overripe strawberries.

  • I listen to peoples’ stories all day. Not every patient I see has a new story, but after 14 years….I have a long record of their lives. They all have stories. I remember their stories. I remember who had a son die in a car crash on a remote dirt road. I know that this new mother, who is now 23 gave a baby up for adoption when she was 15. I listened to the wife explain that her husband decided a year ago to become celibate….and she has waited, hoping he would return. I know who has buried their spouses. I know who fears the stalking cancer. I hear the things people cannot tell anyone else. It is a great privilege.
  • I love the DVR on my cable. I an watch my show on a later day and I can speed through the commercials.

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