To have audacity affords one opportunities that skip the timid. To be audacious means that you are brazen, bold, daring, confident and maybe foolhardy. It also means to be unconventional, unorthodox and a non-conformist. Audacity challenges the status quo, questions authority and refuses the ordinary rations doled out to the masses. It is not a snobbery or elitism. Audacity marches to a different beat, one of your own creation. It waltzes when the expected is to take baby steps. It is not pridefulness nor is it a boastfulness. Audacity is an internal perspective that differs from other people. It is also not a delusional state, although the fearful and the meek often decry the risks inherent to being audacious. It can open you to ridicule. It also harmonizes a chorus of naysayers eager to offer their opinions as to when and why you might falter or fail. Having audacity offers a modicum of immunity to the doubters. Audacity is a wonderful trait to discover in a child. I am thankful that I have two audacious sons, each unique and strong willed in their own separate ways. Every day with them is a terrific gift.

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