The helpful gadget

I am a gadget girl. I love kitchen gadgets, gardening tools, quilting and sewing things. I even have a ridiculous amount of scrapbooking gadgetry and I am an infrequent scrapper. OXO makes this cool tool specifically for mangoes. You grid the flesh of the fruit and turn them inside out and you have quick cubes for your salad.

The clock face ingredient list are as follows: Romaine lettuce, Yoshida’s chicken, diced mango, caramelized Vidalia onions, creid cranberries, sliced almonds, garbanzo beans, feta, banana peppers, roasted red peppers and dates in the center. I ate it right out of my new 3 inch deep cakes recently purchased at Sur La Table.

2 thoughts on “The helpful gadget”

  1. I have three new favorites: the avocado slicer (zero waste), the corn zipper, and the julienne peeler(looks like a carrot peeler but with each swipe you get julienne shavings!)

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