Sunday morning

Irregardless of faith or religious persuasion, Sunday is the culturally accepted day of rest. It is the day before returning to the work week. We spend our day in reflection, prayer, worship, leisure and occasionally preparation for the tasks of the week ahead. We often do chores saved for our day “off”: laundry, yard work, homework, grocery shopping. I often cook on this day. It is that Sunday dinner ritual of my southern family. Sunday dinner was served midday and supper was the leftovers. I frame Sunday as a day of food and family, a day of gathering. When my boys are with their day, it is a quiet day. It becomes a day of introspection. I admittedly often fill the day with chores. Sometimes I go to a movies that neither of them can or want to see. If they were here, we’d likely spend much of the day lounging in our PJs, noshing, watching TV or movies and playing games. We’d bake cookies. I’d plan dinner. It is a lazy day.

Yesterday, I was restless, feeling unproductive and unmotivated. Late in the day, after visiting my property, I decided to bake bread. I used a recipe from unsweetened cocoa. It turned out very well and made a delicious breakfast toast this morning with my pear conserve.

I am a bit of a novice when it comes to bread baking, so this was fun. I think I will have egg salad on it for lunch. Now, I will resist further temptation to rearrange and upload any more photos to my food web albums for the blog and focus on writing the rest of the morning.

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