I am thrilled to be the overseer of all things extra credit. I am now certain I planted the seed in my oldest son to be as creative and original as possible when it comes to school projects. Last week, my Facebook hosted an impromptu forum on mother’s lamentations regarding the ridiculousness of homework and school projects. The sheer magnitude can be daunting, but when your children are not always with you, it is a joy to participate in whatever capacity possible. Fortunately, my son has great confidence in my membership in the Martha Stewart fan club. I have the accoutrements of crafty folks. Tonight, he needed my expertise in the iron on tranfer. The 8th grade science classes are celebrating the periodic table. My son is Titanium. The 22nd element, it will only burn in nitrogen. It was named for its strength in honor of the Titans. Did you know that they put it in toothpaste? I learned some stuff. And I helped him bake a cake for the extra credit. I love this part about being mommy. The home and hand made, the time thinking and planning. The stuff of memories. TitaniumTitanium continuedTitanium Cake

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