Hot & Not Wednesday

As I wind down my day , I click on the few blogs I follow and I am reminded that Wednesday is Loobylu’s What’s Hot and What’s Not Wednesday. I have 51 minutes to do my Wednesday list, too. So a quickfire rendtition:

The Hotness is being helpful and useful for my sons. I got enlisted to help do iron on transfers for a t-shirt. I have not done any crafts in many months; this was quite thearpeutic. I am also intrigued that I am cooking again. Actually, I am mostly baking. I tote everything into the office and feed the staff. Cuban pastries, pound cakes from scratch, cookies….and I am thinking food again. It has been a LONG time since I have enjoyed even thinking about food. I cooked a full dinner for a few colleagues on Monday and was excited to do it. Other hot items are E’s good grades. Woot! My mother was an angel this week and figured out how to get a non-collapsing basketball hoop moved from our old house. Schweet! I managed to get the timeline for the novel ironed out. The flow is better and my mind is less distracted by the inconsistencies. But, I am again distracted by whimsy….like metallic dragees. What is definitely NOT hot is that a 3 oz bottle of said dragees cost $9.

Other Notness is a kitten in heat escaping from a well secured house. And she was totally shameless and unapologetic. The tomcat literally pulled the screen out of the window to bust her out. Slut cat! My Beauty Not for the week is still having a weak ankle after straining it severely with a fall off a ladder. I can’t wear my pointy toe girl shoes with ease, yet. I wore them anyways and paid the next day. Lastly, a mailman who will not leave a certified envelope even after I sign the slip. But, I will trek to the downtown post office…it is 5 miles away!!!! and pick up the letter. It is likely NOT good news either.

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  1. I am waiting for the return of my interest in food and I am encouraged by reading about your baking! I haven’t felt very inspired to cook anything really for ages. The baking sounds so good – lucky staff! xx

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