The weather has changed and we are in fall. To a non-Floridian, seasons may be imperceptible. For the native, it is as obvious as snow on the ground; plus, you have to put on socks because your feet get cold. The A/C gets turned off. An extra throw goes over the back of the sofa and the windows get opened. One drawback to opened windows is the risk of captive house kittens busting loose. They are far more inclined to attempt escape if they are in heat and the neighborhood bad boy is outside lurking, calling, squalling and actually trying to pull the screen frames out of the windows.

My brindle, Caprica went AWOL last night. Her sister, Dagney was none too happy. Jealous and downright pissed is more like it. Dagney ratted her out! And there was Caprica, sticking close to the house, in the dark in , frolicking in the day lilies and impatiens and generally avoiding recapture. And I dread the possibility that she lost her cherry! Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do? Caprica the escapee

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