The tiniest of sparks can set ablaze the side of a mountain. The intentional chink of stone against flint can start the fire, but flames cannot be controlled. My new quote is from E.D. Nixon, the architect of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Did they have any idea that their local protest would spark the civil rights movement? Mr. Nixon was also president of the Pullman train car porters. There is a fascinating story on the Pullman Porters on NPR.

The protest can be a large public display. It can be subversive. Either way, the goal is CHANGE, not change simply to be different…but change for the betterment or things. Some in the group will resist change. In the discord and disparity of desire lies the interface where sparks fly. The flames may need to scorch the earth to a barren wasteland. From the destruction, seeds sprout and new growth begins. It may be hard to envision the future, standing in the charred remains, but in the open space, life surges forth and there is rapid, ebullient life springing forth from the ashes.

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