One must delve into life. Life is not for skimming. Life should not be lived like some Evelyn Woodhead Sped Redding course. Life demands the depth and the effort to investigate, to ask, to ponder, to dig deep. Certainly, digging deep can encounter toxic sludge or a mass grave. Digging deep can lead to the discovery of a life time: King Tut’s tomb or the dead sea scrolls. While diamonds can wash up on the sandy shores and gold could be panned from the shallow river beds, true treasure is well hidden and concealed. Usually diamonds form under colossal subterranean pressures, oil flows deep in the earth’s crust, treasure lost at sea is found under miles of ocean water and sand.

Are the treasures bestowed in each of us worthy of a grand expedition? Shall we endeavor to unlock the mysteries of our desires and dreams? Do we seek to know the truth of another? How far do we delve into our own hearts or the heart of another? Treasure does not ask to be found. Beauty does not ask to be admired. The treasure hunter must know that which they seek. For what are they searching? How long will they explore? And how much are they willing to risk?

Delve deep, examine and seek the riches that lie concealed and hidden; treasure abounds in each of us.

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