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I follow the blog and art of Loobylu. She has started a weekly What’s Hot & What’s Not. She encouraged others to add their own Hot&Not post to her’s. At is a veritable Choo-Choo train of blogs from amazingly talented artists. I tip toed through the list like a giddy window shopper. I decided to add my own Hot&Not to the list. Maybe I will do my own weekly list.

Pumpkin Muffins

  • Piping hot from my kitchen this week were the Pumpkin Chocolate chip muffins. I took 18 of the 24 to the office and watched everyone’s eyes glaze over in utter pleasure at the warm, moist, dense pumpkin muffins studded with mini semi-sweet chips and slivered almonds. I return to my little book of savory and sweet muffins and I have never gone wrong¬† with a recipe from this book.
  • Dinner tonight was breakfast: eggs, bacon, pecan pancakes, real maple syrup and a large glass of milk. The cold milk was the grand finale.
  • I was gifted a small book called Moxie. It is filled with quotes and phrases by some people I do not know. I enjoyed looking up these mystery people on Wikipedia. I had a personal civics and history lesson.

Hot Books

  • I got my dream book back from my friend the architect. At his suggestion, I am reading The Poetics of Space. It is a bit esoteric but I welcome the depth of thinking required.

The week’s nots include a return of daily temperatures over 92F. Our kittens have entered estrus. It is a blessing human females do not go into heat. We are crazy enough with human reproductive cycles; if we broadcasted and drew all the neighborhood men to camp under our window sills, life would grind to a halt.

Dagney & Caprica

Was it evolution that freed us from this mandatory madness or the timeclock? Finally, the week’s biggest NOT is the H1N1 influenza virus. WE are seeing 2 to 4 cases daily in the office. Fortunately, the virus responds to Tamiflu. We are slated to receive 500 doses of the vaccine next week. That may be next week’s hot topic or a massive tangled not.

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  1. I really like your new blog layout and colors….very classy and easy on the eyes, pleasant to scroll through……very nice.

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