Emiliano’s restuarant has been in Gainesville for a very long time. I have not eaten there for probably close to 10 years. As a townie, Emiliano’s is way downtown! It is so far to drive (5 miles). It was lovely to discover a Monday night tapas restaurant with live jazz and a full bar. While their speciality sounds like Mojitos of multiple flavors and persuasions, I am not one to drink rum. After a very bad encounter with Tequila at Richard Rathbun’s first wedding, I abstain from the wicked Mexican worm juice. So, neat Cosmopolitans do just fine.

Having lived in Miami, I absorbed more of the tropical and Caribbean culture and cuisine than I realized. Culture is absorbed and assimilated silently. It surprises me to discover that yucca is an unknown tuber. Yucca Rellano might as well be the 4th moon of Jupiter. I took great joy in the sharing of a meal and especially ingredients foreign and unknown. The dinner choices included Scallop Ceviche, with fresh Cedar Key scallops, an empanada with beef piccadillo, tostones, arepas, alcapurrias (one yucca and one plantain). We skipped the camarones and the ropa vieja to leave room for dessert: Tres Leches. It is hard to beat the half price on any bottle of Spanish or South American wine, too. Overall, a wonderful evening!

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