On Sunday last, the boys and I went and saw Cloudy With a Chance for Meatballs. It was in 3-D, for which we paid an extra $3.50 to see! I choked on the $12.50 ticket prices. It helps that I earn free tickets and we use Scrip cards when we go. The movie was sweet. The not so subtle message that being smart, even nerdy and geeky, can really pay off in the long run. The secondary message that the really cool, popular kid often grows up (and out) in to a slobby, underachieving boob who hopes to skirt by on their fading laurels. The cool kid ends up an embarrassment and sooooo stuck in the past.

Life requires alacrity. We should be eager and earnest. We must retain a certain tensile strength to withstand the pressures, pulls and pushes of life’s demands. Being agile is a blessing. Over time we get stiff, we lose flexibility. When once I could fold into a “suitcase”, I am now glad I can still touch my toes, even place my hands palm flat on the floor. With practice, I could regain more flexibility. With it comes better balance and gracefulness. To be limber and cat footed is a protective skill worth retraining. Be affirmed in who I am (definitely geeky and brainy) and practice the balance beam. =Q=

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