Energy Follows Thought

Our local public radio recently went to an “all talk” format. I have been thrilled to have Talk of the Nation, Science Friday, All Things Considered and more. Today, I caught a segment from a producer I had never heard before: Humankind. David Freudberg and Human Media had a long segment on stress reduction, meditation, health, wellness, cancer prevention and integrative medicine. They managed to avoid much of the gooey, pseudoscience of “alternative” wellness while keeping a firm planting in the concept that the human mind can have greater influence and power on helping us be healthier.

We all accept that our mind can play tricks on us. We can worry ourselves into insomnia. Anxiety gives us sweaty palms and nausea. A major stressful event can actually change the color of one’s hair. Our minds have concrete consequences on our health. But, while we are quick to accept the NEGATIVE impact our minds can have on our health, we discredit the potential to cultivate a mindset that encourages wellness. A wonderful example is that guided imagery can increase the quantity of natural killer (NK) cells in a cancer patient’s immune system, and the imagery actually makes the NK cells SUPER aggressive. The interviewer compared it to having an immune system against cancer cells that sits a Def-Con 3. All with guided imagery.Wow!

Energy follows thought. The more I think something to be true, the more I accept it is fact. I convert a speculation to a factoid. I accept it as TRUTH.

I want to direct my energy into positive thoughts. I want to imagine my state of mind into a place of balance, enhancing what already works exceptionally well and rewriting those patterns that do not serve. I have never been especially effective with meditation. I usually end up making my To Do List. I can’t be hypnotized……I fall asleep too fast. When I have gone to guided imagery workshops or meditations classes…..I fall asleep. It’s NAP TIME! I was even pitiful at praying. My answer? I started praying the Rosary. The cookie cutter, repetition was ideal. There was no room for embellishments. I could not wander far afield. I was not given artistic license. Stick to the beads. It was formulaic. And it worked.

I found space in the cacophony of my life. The full throttle pace is not conducive to spirituality or quietude. Abandon all hope of relaxation or leisure. But in that tornado, I found the Rosary of the Most Holy Mother a balm. And energy followed thoughts. I will make an attempt to learn meditative techniques again. I know I can make myself sick with worry. Can I make myself well with thoughts that are happy, joyous and peaceful? The theory, at least, deserves testing. That is only good science. =Q=

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