Something new

I am motivated to update and make some changes. Change can be good. It can also be frightening. One gets adjusted and accustom to life in a certain way. There is familiarity and a routine. It is easy to predict and anticipate. But the monotony can leave the imagination malnourished, the heart restricted and the soul withered. Change can invigorate, avoiding demise. Change simply to change is foolish, even reckless. Change to grow is necessary. Roses get deadheaded in the winter. Azaleas get trimmed after they flower and before new growth starts because the next seasons flowers will only form on the new growth. Trim the azaleas too late in the season and you destroy any chance of blooming. Bulbs get dug up and split and then replanted, multiplying the population. Forests burn only to reseed in the blaze. A scorched earth can be the origin of furtive, rapid, stunning new growth.

Do not fear change. We are constantly in a state of flux. Our cells divide, our marrow makes blood, we consume and digest, we learn new things, we experience new things. We evolve and emerge from these experiences….not “finished”….but simply MORE. More is not an accumulation of items and material goods. The development of an individual’s “moreness” is supernatural. We learn more and absorb more, but out growth is invisible and our size remains unchanged. And this is the beauty and mystery of folding.

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