Dreams exist only in the imagination. Making a dream reality does not JUST HAPPEN. To convert that dream to the tangible, effort and energy are required. Like any savings account or portfolio, the size of the dividend is directly related to the investment. While a bull market helps, if you never bought a share of Google, there is no pay-off. And the longer you leave your investment, the greater the return. Sometimes, the market transforms into a summer day in Pamplona and it is best to run, dump and hide. It is easy to recall the nightmares that disturb our sleep but the good dreams are equally potent. Dream big, believe in the greatness and invest the energy. Just don’t forget to buy the shares. Click the BUY button. Once you own the shares, you can rest. Dreams do not jump out of your mind and make themselves. Let them out. Give them nurturing encouragement. The key is to take that dream to the next level…reality.

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