Hunger goes beyond craving. Hunger causes pain. Satiety quiets hunger. Satiety does not mean full. The stomach can be full of rocks or cotton candy and hunger remains. A properly nourish human can survive weeks without food. If a meditation and cerebral pursuit, the hunger pains of a fast subside. One can sit before a banquet of nearly unlimited abundance and feel as if they are starving. Hunger drives us to search for more than sustenance. It looks for soul food, heart food, brain food. We are more than organic machines. We are cognitive and passionate; a coupling of feelings and thoughts. The upper position of those twins forever changes. One can feel hungry. They can also know they are hungry. What shall satisfy? Satiety is sublime, the ability to reach a sated balance. Faith feeds the soul. Touch feeds the body. Praise and kindness feed the heart. Eating feeds the gut. So often we feed one thing when really another is growling in pain. People consume, trying to fill up the barren spaces. Food does not equal love. Prayer does not replace tender kisses. Intellectual pursuit does not approach divinity. Eat mindfully, consume “just enough”. Gluttony of anything can be devastating. And it may be best to stay a little hungry.


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