I rode the Manta today at Sea World. I love roller coasters. This coaster you ride laying forward on your chest, like you are flying. It corkscrews and loop-de-loops. I like the Hulk and the Dueling Dragons at Universal Studios. Space Mountain still owns. Long ago, in central Florida, there was Circus World with an old wooden roller coaster and a mega-super loop. There are few things in modern human existence that can give you such a rush of adrenaline that are safe and don’t nullify your life insurance. Consider the irony in that statement! Adrenaline affirms that you are alive. I want to feel this life, the joy, the sorrow, the fear, the rush…and feel it with passion. Life should not be spent anesthetized. While the numbing avoids pain, it amputates all the elation. I want it all. I want the rush and when we pull back into the station, I want to ride the coaster again. I don’t want to live on the coaster…..but a few fast pass runs are sweet!

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