Wealth beyond measure

“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

~Mother Teresa

It is with a humble heart and pure gratitude to know one is surrounded by people who love you and want you. To have a cache of people who desire one’s presence, one’s essence, is by far a mark of the greatest worldly treasure. One can expect to find love and absolute Grace once relieved of this planet; to know the heart of the Creator is the ultimate reward. It is a special gift, nay a bountiful cornucopia, to have so many people that show love so openly in this earthly realm.

It can be far too easy for the Enemy to convince us that we are unloved and unwanted. Indeed, His trick is to fashion a life that sets one of the True upon a path wrought with neglect, abandonment or unadulterated contempty. It is deceptive and seductive and too easily believed that you are what is reflected. If one is surrounded only by those with anger or pettiness or hardened hearts, then one may only believe their fate to be so worthy. One may never fathom an existence where their heart is cherished, where their spirit is nurtured and where they are held in loving esteem. To have a loving Father that is truly captivated by his child or the perfect Groom that adores his wife. In that circle, bound by the holiness of Love, no plague can strike one down. No calamity or injustice can undermine. But too often, one of the Four Horsemen ride in baring the seed of an insidious demise.

I have had a conclave of people brave enough to stand with me. Sisters and Brothers and friends who held my hand and head. While they may not have fully understood why I fell upon this path, they care only that I was loved and protected. In this regard, I am rich beyond measure. My plate overflows with love and assurance. I am truly thankful. My heart will never starve.

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  1. and momma, momma’s always there….and I wish I could have made it easier, calmer, less hurtful….but am proud of you, and happy you are strong and determined to be happy.

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