Everyday, I forget to notice the magic in my world. I look at the coreopsis blooming at my front door and am pleased with their color and whimsy, but I overlook the sheer magical, almost supernatural abilities of plants. Life and all things living have that All Spark, that life force that perpetuates and thrums with energy. It is wondrous to look upon.

Today something even more spectacular and  magical happened. We had a serious hail storm. I was standing in my kitchen stirring a bubbling blueberry slurry, waiting for the proper time to add the astonishing amount of sugar when I heard, ting, ting, ting, tingtingting. And the rap, rap, rap, rap in a syncopated rhythm on the roof, the siding and the windows. It was lightning and thundering all around us and the rain was so fierce, it blotted out the road and stand of trees behind my house completely. The rain drove onto my back porch at a 45 degree angle and depositing hailstones the size of Concord grapes on the back door mat. Some of the hail looked like albino Willy Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers. It was beautiful.

Magic does happen! Right before our eyes.

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