I learned today that Pat Conroy’s new novel, South of Broad will be released August 11th. I am excited about this novel from an author I have long admired about a city I adore. Charleston is the city where my first child was conceived and born. He has Lowcountry in his DNA. Once a Chicken always a Chicken (University of South Carolina Gamecocks, that is). It was that our neighbors baptized Cameron a Chicken in perpetuity. Truth be told, I root for those chickens every year they play the Gators. I miss the tidal life. I miss the giant summer moon rises over Charleston harbor. That moon was enormous and heavy, so low in the early night sky. It climbed across the night sky chasing its daytime cousin. I eagerly await Mr. Conroy’s newest novel. I think I shall reread one of his previous great works in the interim. To await a long anticipated thing…to hold one’s breathe, anxious for word or event to transpire… occupy one’s mind and hands while waiting for the appointed hour is an artful endeavor. Patience is a virtue. And good things do come to those who wait. All in all simply getting past the waiting makes the final event so savory and delicious. One must hope for true satisfaction. If nothing else, the waiting will be over August 11th.

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