Get Away

The getaway is a delicious treat. As children, we often have secret hide-outs, the tree house, the converted shed.Our side yard had a small aluminum boat leaning onto the side of the house. It made a perfect hidden lair. As adults, we still seek our secret hide-away. They are more costly and usually borrowed, but all the same….it represents out basic desire to hide. We want to sneak off with our friends and secret ourselves away….shirk chores and avoid authority.

fish-in-a-tree.jpg  front-porch-view.jpg

So we run away with cars stuffed with all our necessities, laptops included. We bring DVD players and confirm our high end rental treehouse has a gas grill. There is cable TV and a fully equipped kitchen…..and of course, air conditioning.

So much of gathering with those that we love is the breaking of the bread. To gather with family members always seems to center around food: the planning, the preparation the presentation and the eating. It helps to have teenagers to clean the dishes. Cooking for a large group is a true treat. To cook for a group of adults who all healthy eaters is a joy.

greek-chicken.jpg  greek-salad.jpg

When we packed to come to the beach, the car was ladened down with supplies, the majority was food. A successful gathering is to leave with the car profoundly lighter and a mind significantly clearer….

I savor the chance to cook for a large group.  I enjoy watching my kids run around in the sand. I am thankful for sunscreen.

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