Atlas Shrugged

I must reserve my commentary on this book (audiobook) until I have listened to it all…..all 47 hours of it. And I apparently got through my entire lower and higher education without ever reading any Ayn Rand. I care nothing of her politics or aspiration at diety. I only care about her images and vision and the construction of her sentences. Her mastery of words and language is one so elegant and sensuous, I can barely stand it. It is like looking upon a masterpiece painting, after a while I am saturated with the words. It is luscious and intense. Few writers can make contempt or anger so luxurious. I am enamored. And all the characters are strongly develoepd, even the cowards and the weak. It is a balanced stage she sets. I have decided I shall name my next pets for Dagney Taggert and Hank Riordan. Literary names for my futures cats. Shall I go to the Humane Society and rescue some poor souls?

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