A Few Degrees of Separation

Occasionally, life strings together a series of events and occurences that permits discovery. I reconnect with an old friend. That old friend makes a casual introduction with one of their friends. After a bit of easy dialogue and banter, a few recipes get exchanged. I am a tremendous lover of recipes. I love to just sit and read recipes and ingredient lists. There was a slim, sliver of a bookstore in Charleston, SC, called Hoppin Johns. It was a bookstore dedicated solely to food and cooking. I adored this place. Food is a true love of mine. I am not a master chef or even technically skilled, but I know food intuitively. So in trying to confirm a few ingredients for my new recipe, I drill through the internet and stumble across Nigel Slater, a British chef. His website is luscious. I want to crawl into it and luxuriate. All these thoughts while the aroma of his pistachio cake bakes in my oven.


I am thrilled to discover new things. Life is full of experiences that deserve exploration. I have an appetite to learn and discover.

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  1. The cake is wonderous. I used orange juice for the icing. It has a dense, mealy texture, almost like corn bread. Very good.

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