100% Certified Organic

Can a person be certified organic? Organic means no fillers, no synthetics, no chemicals, no falsehood, no bullshit. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have humans with this certification stamped on the back of their hand? You reach to shake their hand and you see that inspection stamp; you can be assured of truth and authenticity. The person with whom you speak is honest and one of integrity. This is unlike the person who shuns you on Monday and slanders you on Wednesday but acts friendly on Tuesday. What deceit! I would rather people be willing to be as bold and honest as the pan-handler that occasionally begs on the corner near my sons’ school. His pan-handler sign says, “Can you spare a $1? I need beer and cigarettes.” I give him a $1 every damn time! Why? Because he is honest. I don’t care how the homeless man spends the dollar that my child’s spindly arm extends to him….and I want my child to realize that THIS man is as honorable and the man who begs and professes to be hungry….because he is honest. Honesty matters. Who am I to judge? Once I give the dollar, is it NOT a gift? Is a gift given with attachments? Am I allowed expectations? Am I permitted to expect him to remain sober? What do I care?

If I am to be certified 100% organic, I have to be willing make the changes necessary. I cannot swallow falsehoods and pretend that they are real. I must limit my exposure to toxins and contamination. I will have a short shelf life, without preservatives. It means I will not stand forever unchanged. I want to be close to the cycle of life. Synthetic prolongs things but separates me from real LIFE…and death.

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