An Apple a Day

I didn’t pack my lunch yesterday. I just ran out of time. When lunch rolled around, I was too hungry and impatient. If I had the afternoon off, my lunch choice would have been easy. But I dislike fast food and I dislike eating fast. What is the point? Right? You dash to some drive through to snatch a bag of something questionable. It is not gourmet. It barely passes as nutritional. Again…what is the point? If life is so fast and so fleeting….what I really want is a meal that I gobble down and that gives me heartburn…..or worse. And what if that were my last meal?

Oh joy!

I can appreciate a Happy Meal, but it is best eating at a leisurely pace with my kids.

So, I drove home. had there been something quick and easy to pack for lunch, I would have made it. I figured there had to be SOMETHING edible. This is what I came up with…..


Sour dough bread with creamy peanut butter and honey with sliced Gala apples and raisins (not visible). Perfection.

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