My sons are my greatest legacy. I doubt I will climb Mt. Everest. I won’t cure cancer. I won’t break a sound barrier. But I have 2 sons. And by the grace of God, they are truly amazing. Last week, driving home, my oldest spoke up. To me. He was not disrespectful. He was not rude. He disagreed with me and my opinion and felt strongly enought to speak his mind. He did it clearly. He was firm and authoritative. He knew exactly how he felt and would not let me or his brother put words in his mouth or assign feelings to him. He pushed back!

And I loved it! I want him to be strong willed. I want him to be assured and confident. I want him to know himself and express it well.

Today in church, as we knelt waiting for communion, the choir started singing one of my favorite songs. It is a song about the Beatitudes. It always makes me cry. And once I start crying, so much of my heart comes up with my tears. My younger sons wants to comfort me. So empathetic. He asks me after Communion, “Mom, what makes people cry? Where do their tears come from?” He THINKS about things and feels them. He is curious and inquisitive. And when he comes across something he is unsure about, he returns to it. He asks questions. I want to forever encourgae his inquisitiveness. Ask why! Ask how! Ask how come?

They are fantastic kids. Blessings. Firecrackers. A divine legacy.

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