There is an old addage that bad news comes in threes, especially really bad news. I wish good news did, too. I would take the trifecta of misery, woe and horror for the triple play of elation, satisfaction and peace. And our brains need a balance of good news and positivity to counter the WHAMMO factor of general living. I find that when I get a piece of good news, I set it aside. Like a hot potato, I need it out of my hands. Just in case it burns. It feels like a booby trap. I am no longer eager or gullible. Mr. Murphy and his set of law books has trained me to expect the trap. Don’t trust the happy missive because on its heels will be a kick in the teeth. Don’t accept that kid gloved hand, because concealed inside are brass knuckles. Someone holds a chair out for you and then yanks it from under you. Good news is tricky.

But every once in a while I get a sweet little tidbit, a seed of hope, and it makes me smile. On very, very rare occasions, I get something wholly unexpected and I am overflowing with joy. Woot! And outbursts of joy are extinct. We regularly see enraged, maniacal adults behaving badly and emotionally flailing. It is like a bad car accident. And being the voyeurs we are…we watch them show their asses and tisk tisk. But, let the same person freak out with elation, screaming and yelling their happiness…and we think they are certifiably NUTS. Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs. We are less tolerant of the positve outburst than the negative.

We are conditioned for the negative.

I want to be conditioned for the positive. Can someone reset my default function to optimism? Can Murphy’s Laws be truncated and shelved? A day of beauty. A day of happiness. A day of optimism. Seek love and kindness.

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