One less day in the nursing home

Thanksgiving is a day of abundance. It is a day of family. It is a noisy day. A busy day. A day of gluttony…even if we don’t intend it. My sister and I woke this to start a day of cooking and baking. And, if I toot our horns….we are pretty awesome at it. Last night we baked a Smithfield spiral cut ham with an apricot glaze, apricot scones, banana bread and sweet potato biscuits. We also had a few glasses of drinky poo in honor of Julia Childs.

Today we were cooking fools. By 3 o’clock we had roasted the 20lb turkey. The accompaniments included a spring green salad, squash casserole, corn pudding, spinach balls with a spicy mustard sauce, green beans in vinegrette, stuffing, sweet potato souffle, ginger-honey glazed carrots, fresh yeast rolls, those biscuits and cranberry sauce from the can (required).

For dessert we had traditional pecan pie, apple pie, my chocolate pecan tart and a new comer…a pear galette.


Served with either ice cream of real whipped cream.

All this fresh made, home made, real butter, real cheese, white sugar, sour cream, from scratch food is divine. My cholesterol is ridiculously normal. And for those at our table with cholesterol issues?… less day in the nursing home!

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