The New Flu Season

So anyone tapped into the news that listens for items other than gore, mayhem, disaster, “bleakery” or sports scores should have heard about the new article published in the British Medical Journal. Apparently, happiness is contagious. If we have happy friends, we are more likely to be happy. If we are happy; our happiness can affect others. And the effect is not acute and short-lived. Our contagion can become a persistent affliction.

I love this idea. Like the Bobby McFerrin song…..Be Happy.

But how to you get happy without drugs, alcohol or prescription assistance? I am no Lisa Presley. There can be much better living through chemistry, but can we tweak our perspective fractionally and get impact?

Exercise helps. Alot. Although the idea of starting to exercise is anti-happiness. Once a regular mover, there is pleasure in the motion. Music, art, beauty, poetry and reading all help. Even if the reading is vapid and vacuous (to quote a dear friend). Good food and fresh food. Simple food. Slow food. What is better than a peanut butter and honey sandwich on fresh butter bread? Or a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice? Or fresh stone crab claws that you get at your local fish monger and eat in you own home and avoid paying outrageous restuarant prix fixe prices? Now that is happiness. Add a good friend and a lovely bottle of wine or ice cold beer. Ding ding ding. Add 4 or 5 friends and fresh steamed clams and a few filet mignons with yukon gold potatoes and a fresh caesar salad……

OK…I have my menu for my dinner tomorrow night. And I am filled with happy thoughts.

So, happiness may be easily gifted to others. The ripple effect really works. A proverbial pay-it-forward of happiness. Smile. Laugh. Touch, Love. Be open. Be free. Be generous. I want to give my friends my germs…..

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