A great and true friend

I great and true friend came to visit me today. She disclosed she had been reading Realisa. She also admitted that she realized that her reading was solitary and not an actual dialogue with me.

I assume SOMEONE reads Realisa. But, I write for me. It is a solitary thing. If someone reads it cool. If someone feels compelled to comment… interesting. Is the comment necessary? NO. In fact, it is also part of my exercise. Must I receive commentary and affirmation to KNOW I am real? I want to know myself and be assured I am being authentic with MYSELF. If I can be that person…then all the better for my friends.

My friends can be in my space. My house is welcoming and hopefully inviting. I hope they feel at ease. I hope they delight in this place. I hope it makes them think and laugh and agree that they are also thankful. And that TOGETHER…even if in silent solitarity…we walk the same path…or we walk toward the same final destination.

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