Real or True

Is everything real also true? Is reality an absolute or is reality relative? Can I believe in anything? How am I to be certain what I see or hear or taste is real? I suppose, it is real for me. But is my reality the truth? Reality can be deconstructed. Each layer is real, as real as the other components. But truth is the composite of all those realities. Ben&Jerry make an ice cream…my favorite flavor…New Your Super Fudge Chunk. Rich creamy chocolate ice cream with white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate covered walnuts, pecans and almonds. It is smooth. It is crunchy. Bitter chocolate. Sweet, white chocolate. Nuts with a hint of saltiness. Each part is real. But you have to eat half a pint to understand the truth.

If I feed a spoonful of this ice cream to 15 different people, each gets a slightly different experience…and maybe NONE get enough to know the truth.

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