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As the mother of two boys, I appreciate the humor and fascination with grossness. I must admit, I find much of it funny too. I am the youngest of 3 girls and I would classify all three of us as “sick” when it came to humor. My oldest sister would have to admit to a cassette full of recorded burps she and her best friend Christy Willis made in high school. Even now, her son can get her laughing so hard simply blowing farts on his forearms. And frankly, she can belch like a champ. It is a skill set. :)

But the human body is funny and beautiful and grotesque in many ways. Come on! Intercourse is BIZARRE. Sure, it can be beautiful, but mostly it is not. Some French filmmaker recently made a film of “regular” people having sex. Not porn stars, but average French people. Now that would be funny!

I spend a fair amount of my mothering time discussing boogers, farts, scabs, poop, pee, penises, erection, testicles, “girl parts”, snot, acne and tooth scum. There is a liberal amount of humor and laughter in all of it. Mothering is definitely not for the squeamish.



  1. I am commenting on my own post. LOL. I just had a conversation with my son about his nipples. He is concerned the left one doesn’t get “pointy”. So I tell him to go get an ice cube….AM I HIGH???? So he proceeds to rub the ice cube on his nipple and then eats the ice cube. I am raising wild men.

  2. oh,joy, and the grossness just changes with age LOL!!!!! Enjoy, have fun – will make for great memories years from now!!!!!


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