Report cards

I was usually proud of my report cards. Report card day was always a very special day. When I was in elementary school, the report cards were on thick card stock paper and were in manila sleeves. Long before computers, the teachers hand wrote the grades and the comments. Being a good student and getting grades that vouched for my enthusiasm was great.

My guys got their first progress reports last week. The whole system is now online and very impersonal. They don’t tote home a “report card”. Instead, I was asked if I had “checked out edline”. Bah! Lots of information and easy to stop trends, but too impersonal. I was always excited to see my parents’ faces when they pulled my report card from the envelope. It was like opening a present.

This was Evan’s first progress report with real grades. Before he was given S, U and N for satisfactory, unsatisfactory and needs improvement. I was so proud of him and his VERY good grades. Finally, his knowledge and intelligence translate to paper. Cameron is as bright and remarkable as ever. Sharp as a whip and I am so proud.

They are smarties.

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  1. Very proud of them too…’s genetic….all my grandkids are bright….but they all have parents that encourage reading/study/learning….they’re lucky – and I’m very proud of ALL of you.

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