I admit it. I know nothing about poetry. Nothing. I even struggle reading it. I want to learn to appreciate poetry. Poetry is so subtle yet it reaches deep into your soul, into the very fiber of your nature and speaks. There are all things in poetry. I think there is also visual poetry. I have a link to an animation and illustration site and some of the animated pieces are simply stunning. There are two links below. Go to them and watch. Listen. Breathe. OPen your eyes and see.


The Lovely Sparrows

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  1. ok..I”m about as in to poetry as you are. Like you I want to get it..I want to understand it…I want to find the meaning…but I don’t! LOL Those were interesting sites…bizarre pieces of art. For some reason when I was watching them I kept thinking this is silly or weird…but I couldn’t/didn’t stop them! LOL Cool sites…thanks. Les

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