The last book in the Twilight series is out.

Breaking Dawn

I will get my copy this weekend. I am enthralled with the three main characters of the Stephanie Meyers series. I love that this series is a wonderful platform to speak to young people about how they make choices. Some things that happen to us are not of our choice. We have no control over them, we cannot stop them and we cannot avoid the, So, we must make do, accept them and find out how to incorporate them into an existence that is claimable and livable. Other times, we are presented with a choice. Once the choice is made, it may be irrevocable, indelible and permanent. Very little in our modern world is permanent. But Bella is faced with one such choice.I am sad, as are so many of the Twilight fans, to know that this is the last book of this series. It is one of the few books series I have read a second time. Fortunately, she started a new series, The Host. It was also good and I look forward to the next one in that series.

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