Mercy Me

I had a truly wonderful opportunity to scoot over to St. Augustine Saturday. An old freind and her family have rented a place on the beach for the year. Her husband has a grant to complete. They figured… can work on that anywhere….so let’s move to the beach. Her oldest daughter was in kindergarden with Cameron. Suzanne and I did M.O.M.S. together…eons ago. She is a life long friend; we have alot of life ahead of us.

Well, Suzanne and her girls tool around the island in her spiffy xB Scion. It happens to have a GREAT sound system. They played Duffy for us as we drove too fast down A1A. A truly Florida moment. It was a very happy, silly, girl power moment. My two boys sat perfectly still. No head bob, no jammin’. It was like they knew they had been given a glimpsee into the secret sisterhood. Cameron rolled his eyes as if to say, “OK Mom, you’re embarrassing me.”

Suzanne just cranked it up more and danced in her seat. A happy, joyful moment.

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