Sleep eludes me

I am usually a great sleeper. I actually fell asleep in the waiting room at the boys dentist today. I can easily take a power nap anywhere, if I decide to sleep. But I have been unable to sleep at night. I finally fell asleep earlier, but in about 30 minutes I woke. So I am lying in bed at 1 am and I realize I am starving. I made the boys dinner and didn’t really eat. A Clif bar for breakfast and a Heavenly ham sandwich for lunch just does not carry me through the whole night. I suppose the Grande Cafe Latte from Starbucks at 5 PM might contribute to my sleeplessness.

My typical midnight snack is a bowl of cereal, but alas, no milk. Ugh! So I made a Boar’s Head Golden Classic chicken with swiss on a potato roll with spicy mustard and a dollop of cranberry relish. I had a side of chips. My hunger is gone. Now I am awake….cuz my stomach is full. I am going to be Lil Miss Grumpy Pants tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Sleep eludes me”

  1. Whew! glad I”m not working today then…Lil Miss Grumpy Pants! I LOVE IT!! I’m gonna have to steal that one next time I’m Lil Miss Grumpy Pants…or Amy! LOL she’ll just love that! Anyway, I suspect some of your sleeplessness is due to your mind won’t rest because you have so many things going at the moment. Try to rest. See you later…Les

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