The roadside palate

Driving back from picking Cam up in Melrose, I stopped at the roadside vegetable stand. Cameron got a bag of fresh picked and boiled peanuts. They were still warm in the quart sized Ziplock bag. As we rode back into Gainesville, he shucked and slurped boiled peanuts, the juice running down his arms to his elbows. For $11.25 I got 7 garnet sweet potatoes, a pint of shelled English peas, 2 lemons, 4 pints of just picked strawberries, the boiled peanuts and a bunch of carrots.


After I dropped Cameron and his peanuts off at his friend’s house, I stopped at The Fresh Market and bought a loaf of rustic sour dough bread for breakfast toast. I also got Pink Lady apples, romaine lettuce, a chicken cutlet and a wedge of Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar cheese with cranberries and chipotle peppers.


Ooooh, it is good. Sharp and tangy like the best cheddar and then the heat of the peppers. I had a nice little appetizer of cheese, crackers and an apple while I grilled chicken breast. The chicken has been cut into strips and is soaking in Yoshida’s. I will make a big salad and have a thick slice of bread with a glass of Reisling.

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