I started a creative writing class in the community college last week. It is a community education class. There are 8 other people taking the class, hoping to find a voice. I was supposed to take samples of my “work” (Hah!) to read in front of this group. So intimate. Scary. While I am willing to muse for all the world to see on this blog, I cannot see anyone’s face. I have no idea who reads this stuff. And other than the few who have commented, I don’t know who has read ONE post and thought…Crap! and never came back. There is no rejection in this process. There is very little risk. But, know I have stepped up to the podium and I have stated I am willing to risk criticism from these people. So…..what to read? I have a story I have been working on, but I wanted to take something from this blog that I have added to over the last year. Any suggestions? If you read this but have never commented but would like to give a vote, email me at

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  1. Blue was good, Rain, and the one on Waiting. Of course I lliked the Sisters piece. maybe you could combine them somehow into fiction? I am sure it will be good. :)

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