Shifting gears

Last Saturday, this week looked long and arduous. I stared at my Google calendar and was overwhelmed by the long days I had ahead. I hate being so tightly budgeted for time. I have commented to friends and our priest that my method of sacrificial giving is time. If the church asked for a tithe of time, I could not do it. Monetary tithe is relatively easy when money is abundant. But then……what are you rich with? I should collect time welfare. I need time stamps, not food stamps. Can I cash them in for chunks of rest, sleep, solitude, stillness, leisure?

It is Friday and I look BACK over the week and think it went FAST. Perspective is strange. When the task lays ahead, it seems hard. When the task is finished it feels easy. It is the way our mind tricks us into volunteering again, offering to help again, saying yes instead of no. I prefer the weeks that ride like a long straight stretch. I can push full throttle and jam. I hate weeks that are like driving in San Francisco. Up and down. Stop and start. Big hill to coast down. Huge hill to get back up. Pace yourself. Don’t pop the clutch. Don’t run out of gas. All the other drivers will curse you and not offer to help.

 I am glad this week is over. Breathe. Close your eyes. Linger.

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